Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What I got from Prabal for Target

Dear Diary,

In my last post , I mentioned the Prabal Gurung collaboration with Target. Time to share my purchases and their price points.

                                                        Shirt dress in Nolita Print ($39.99)

                                           Sleeveless Blouse in First Date Print ($26.99)

                                           Drop Waist Dress in First Date Print ($34.99)

                                                 Long-Sleeve Tee in Nolita Print ($19.99)

                                                  Sweatshirt in First Date Print ($29.99)

The collection is available at Target all month, and also on target.com. Do NOT miss out on these amazing pieces!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target.

Dear Diary,

Florals, summer brights, black and white contrast, and accessories. A few of the things Prabal Gurung is blessing us with, through his target collaboration.  Prabal is a Nepalese- American fashion designer, who is known to make a busy print into a chic, and romantic garment. The theme of his collection is based on love, and so have the past collections. His runway price points are through the roof, hence it being comforting to know you can get similar pieces ranging from $35-$200. This is a major steal if you ask me. I shall definitely be making an appearance at my local Target. See you February 10